You came in a minute

You took me by surprise

With a love like summer air on a moonlit mountainside

When my mind was a prison

You gave me the keys to life


I cannot stop exclaiming

I cannot stop proclaiming


You are glorious, Holy Jehovah divine

You are beautiful, King of Creation arise

Hear the Earth sing - an orchestra of life

You are my delight


You came in a minute

You took me by surprise

With a peace like winter snow falling softly through the sky

And now I am living

Confident in Christ


In rocks and skies and trees,

Your beauty revives me,

You lift the weight and burden from my shoulders,


Your glories all around,

I’m caught up in the sound,

Creation bows and sings, “All praise to the King”



I’ve been anxious, I can’t sleep

Worthless worries, burden me

I hunt the sun, chase the wind

‘Till my tired spirit spins into the ground


When I try to take control

Fear and terror grip my soul

I need joy, I need peace

I need rest I need relief

I look to you, and you teach me to


Seek your kingdom

Seek your righteousness


See the ravens, they can’t farm

They don’t have silos, trucks or barns

But our God sees their needs

And he loves them and he feeds them everyday


See the lilies, how they grow

They don’t work or buy their clothes

But if God, by his grace, clothes the grass with great array

Then how much more, is there in store, when I…


Seek your kingdom

Seek your righteousness

I will seek your kingdom

Seek your righteousness


When I’m worried about tomorrow, I’ll fix my eyes on you

All the weight in the world won’t bury me, you’ll take me home



Every day at dusk I chase the sunset

Looking for a glimpse of heaven’s skies


I’ve been given a taste for something

That nothing in this world can satisfy

But I know that at time is coming

When I will be in glorious delight


I know I will run through heaven’s brilliant streets of gold

Shouting, “Hallelujah, Christ alone”

I know I will dance and sing and bow before the throne

This I know oh


Every day at dawn I chase the sunrise

Looking for a hint of heaven’s light



Turn the lights on, look at what I have

See the twisted trophies of a dead man

Countless stories, tell of sin and pain

But they sing the sweetness of my savior’s grace


I’m a torn man, spirit fighting flesh

There’s a battle raging deep in my chest

But all that haunts me, all that leaves a stain

Only sings the sweetness of my savior’s grace


A fortunate fall, my sins are stories of grace to recall

A fortunate fall, I glory in my sins forgiven


Jesus bought me, and now I am his

Dying with him, in his death I now live

All my vices, to which I’ve been chained

Only speak the sweetness of my savior’s grace


And still I’m a wicked, wretched man, I do everything I hate

I am fighting to be god, I seethe and claw and thrash and shake

I have killed and stacked the dead, on a throne from which I reign

In the end I just want blood, and with his blood my hands are stained

See the God who reigns on high, he has opened his own veins

From his wounds a rushing torrent that can wash it all away

Grace upon grace, upon grace upon grace



I know it’s alright, you are near every night

Always at my side, always in my mind

The fear and the fights, the pain, the plight

Has no hold on my life, in the dark there is light


When I feel so suppressed, all the things in my chest

When the fear doesn’t rest, you protect

Because you see and you ache

And your heart doesn’t wait, you’re already there


I’ve seen you, I’ve seen you

To see you again



All creatures of our God and King

Lift up your voice and with us sing

O praise him, alleluia


Thou burning sun with golden beam

Thou silver moon with softer gleam

O praise him, o praise him

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia


Thou rushing wind that art so strong

Ye clouds that sail in Heaven along

O praise him, alleluia


Thou rising moon, in praise rejoice

Ye lights of evening, find a voice

O praise him, o praise him

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia


Let all things their Creator bless

And worship him in humbleness

O praise him, alleluia


Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son

And praise the Spirit, Three in One

O praise him, o praise him

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia



I was an orphan, lost at the fall

Running away when I’d hear you call 

But Father, you worked your will

I had no righteousness of my own

I had no right to draw near your throne

But Father, you loved me still


And in love, before you laid the world’s foundation

You predestined to adopt me as your own

You have raised me so high above my station

I’m a child of God by grace, and grace alone


You left your home to seek out the lost

You knew the great and terrible cost

But Jesus, your face was set

I worked my fingers down to the bone

But nothing I did could ever atone

But Jesus, you paid my debt


By your blood I have redemption and salvation

Lord you died that I might reap what you have sown

And you rose that I might be a new creation

I am born again by grace, and grace alone


I was darkness all of my life

I never knew the day from the night

But Spirit, you made me see

I swore I knew the way on my own

A head full of rocks, a heart made of stone

But Spirit, you moved in me


And at your touch my sleeping spirit was awakened

On my darkened heart the light of Christ has shone

Called into a kingdom that cannot shaken

Heaven’s citizen by grace, and grace alone


So I’ll stand in faith by grace, and grace alone

I will run the race by grace, and grace alone

I will slay my sins by grace, and grace alone

I will reach the end by grace, and grace alone



Once in a while I close my eyes

Drifting to sleep you come alive

My heart begins to sing in tune

And suddenly all I see is you


In sunlight, in moonbeams, in forests, in gold streams

The colors of your world, echo in my dreams

And I see you, I see you, I know you, I feel you

You’re my joy, my life, my love, my light


In the moment, it’s clear, and I know, yes I know

That I’m loved, I’m loved, I’m loved, I’m loved



You heard my first heartbeat before I could breathe

Before my first cry, you knew me

You knit me together when I was conceived

When I was designed, you knew me


You know what I wonder before I can speak

Before my first thoughts, you know me

You see what I’m dreaming when I go to sleep

When I’m waking up, you know me


I could run away or hide beneath the sea

You’d still hear my prayers

I could climb the peaks or dive beyond the deep

Oh my God! You are there


You crafted the heavens and care for my soul

In all of your ways, you’re holy

When I’m lost in darkness and far from my home

Your hand guides my way and holds me


You are the God who knows and loves me

The God of David, the Rock of Ages

You are the king who dwells above me

The King of Zion, the Mighty Lion



You’re with me always, I won’t be afraid

You died and rose and set the world ablaze

Amazing grace, redemption in motion

I will see you when I fly away

To the gates of heaven where I’ll see your face

Holy Jehovah, Alpha Omega

You died and rose and set redemption in motion



Maybe someday we’ll meet under the stars

Healed and home free, complete, that’s where we’ll start


Zion, I’m coming soon to where you are

‘Till then my love’s with you, though world’s apart


This will take much longer than I’ve planned

But I will wait to see you, and hold your hands


Waiting each day, God will comfort my soul

You are home now, healthy, safe in His fold


Beyond this storm’s a brilliant sky of stars

I’ll follow you



Light after darkness, gain after loss

Strength after weakness, crown after cross

Sweet after bitter, hope after fears

Home after wandering, praise after tears


Sheaves after sowing, sun after rain

Sight after mystery, peace after pain

Joy after sorrow, calm after blast

Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last


Give me the hope for tomorrow

Give me the strength for today

You are the promise of peace

On my pathway to faith


Near after distant, gleam after gloom

Love after loneliness, life after tomb

After the agony, rapture of bliss

Glory awaits beyond the abyss



When my heart is weary, when my soul is weak

When it seems I can’t traverse the trail before me

I survey the glory of your agony

And I find the will to fight for what’s before me

 ‘Cause you ran the race, enduring for your glory


I fix my eyes on you, the founder and the finisher of our faith

I fix my eyes on you, the solace in your suffering is my strength


As I fight to follow, you’re my righteous guide

And you train me to delight in all that’s holy

Heal my broken body, cure my crooked stride

Throw off every weight and sin that clings so closely

I will run the race, enduring for your glory


You help me breathe, you’re the only life I need

You died for me, you’re the only life I need



How deep the Father's love for us

How vast beyond all measure

That he should give his only Son

To make a wretch his treasure


How great the pain of searing loss,

The Father turns his face away

As wounds which mar the chosen One,

Bring many sons to glory


Behold the Man upon a cross,

My sin upon his shoulders

Ashamed I hear my mocking voice,

Call out among the scoffers


It was my sin that held him there

Until it was accomplished

His dying breath has brought me life

I know that it is finished


I will not boast in anything

No gifts, no power, no wisdom

But I will boast in Jesus Christ

His death and resurrection


Why should I gain from his reward?

I cannot give an answer

But this I know with all my heart

His wounds have paid my ransom



A torrent of destruction hid

My darkened soul from rescuing

I cried to God for help, he heard my voice


The tainted earth, it rocked and reeled

The heavens bowed, the mountains kneeled

The thunderous voice of God my covering


I will not be afraid

For my hope is in his name


Who is a rock but our God

Who’s blood has sealed our freedom

Jesus, our savior, defender, redeemer


He brought me to a safer place

Equipped my hands and feet with strength

So I advance with confidence in Christ

His precious truth delivers me

From lies that wage a war in me

Your victory is mine for all my days


You kneel down to raise me up

You my Lord, you my God

You rescue me with reckless love

Oh my Lord, oh my God