Seattle-based Kings Kaleidoscope uses an eclectic range of modern, woodwind, string and brass instruments for a colorful, stylistic harmony that stands greater than the sum of its parts. Chad Gardner leads the collective of friends, and all hands stretch the canvas until it sings. The marriage of electronic and analogue soundscapes is a love letter to Motown and math rock, with illustrative lyricism that runs the gamut of haunting, uplifting, and resolved. Singer/songwriter Chad Gardner carries these lyrics with a soulful treatment that compliments calculated drum work to create a balance between groove and mathematics. Tracks are peppered with electronics and sampling that call to The Bridge Wars era of hip hop, all the while bringing a refreshing stamina that breathes life into these timeless constructs. KK’s trademark voice is their ever-growing accent across their 3 LP’s and critically acclaimed mixtape, “THE BEAUTY BETWEEN.” Garnering attention since 2010, this collective is known for their musical and lyrical call for cosmic reflection.



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5 Years of National Headline & Global Touring Experience


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